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Special Meeting on Development

Mid Sussex District Council has recently drafted a revised Mid Sussex District Plan and sought comments from residents by 19th December. The Society has decided to hold an additional Special Meeting on 9th December to discuss matters of concern to residents and to give members a chance to comment by the deadline. The discussion will […]


LOCAL AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING, TALK & SONG RECITAL The Funniest Man in London! The Bookshop, 22 High Street East Grinstead on Saturday 24th September from 10am until 5pm. The book signing will be followed by a talk and a rare recital of some songs by H. G. Pélissier in The Bookshop café at 6.30pm.

September 14 meeting change!

Unfortunately our booked speaker, Andy Thomas, can’t make it do we are changing the topic. Instead we will have a fascinating, and insider’s, account of the development of Hong Kong’s airport from Vic Chair Robin Whalley.

July 13 meeting and summer drinks

Fountain cleaned up!

The East Grinstead Society, with the assistance of East Grinstead Meridian Rotary, By the Fountain Restaurant, Arthur Crawfurd (great grandson of the original benefactor), East Grinstead Lions and Portland Vets, has been spearheading the renovation of the Jubilee Fountain in the High Street. Today the first stage, partial cleaning with a specialist super-heated, low-pressure steam […]

A History of the British Seaside in 100 Objects


Hopefully another step forward in the East Grinstead Society’s Jubilee project to restore the High Street drinking fountain! Last night the Town Council’s Amenities and Tourism Committee agreed to move forward in principle with the Society on the project, including taking ownership from the District Council of the fountain. A final decision awaits a Town […]

Wakehurst, Kew and the National Trust – A Talk by Paul Reader

Town Council to Discuss Fountain!

Society members will know that we are working hard on the restoration of the High Street drinking fountain as our key project to mark the Platinum Jubilee for the Town as a whole. This is fitting as the foundation was given to the Town in 1887 to mark the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. We are […]

District Plan Consultation: Our view is ‘Extreme Disappointment’!

We have commented on both the original Draft Plan in November 2019 and subsequent variances the ensuing period to July 2020. Our overall position is one of extreme disappointment at the lack of recognition of the points made in both our submissions. We note that this reflects the Town Council’s position on its comments. We […]

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