East Grinstead Society


Principal contents of East Grinstead Society bulletins:

1 30-32 High St.

2 [short notes only].

3 Local speech usages, East Grinstead in 1823.

4 Standen; proposed shopping precinct; rem. (Rev. J. Harrison’s); Blackwell Hollow; churchyard; Payne family; Severals.

5 ‘Bow Bells’ milestones; Old Hollybush Farm; rem. (Mrs M.L. Dempster’s); Moat Church.

6 East Grinstead fairs; local pronunciation; resources for study of East Grinstead.

7 The East Grinstead Pottery; 1882 railway station; Peashuttlers Gate.

8 Zion Chapel; 9 Middle Row; East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd.

9 Pottery memories; The Playfield; The Hermitage; East Grinstead’s ancient arms.

10 ‘Daddy Curly-locks’ (Rev. R.B. Matson); watch and clockmakers in East Grinstead; The Hermitage (community centre plan).

11 7-9-11 High St; children’s games, c.1923; listed buildings; parish registers; East Grinstead directories (list); Whalesbeech.

12 Estcots; directories including East Grinstead (list).

13 Robinson of Gravetye; East Grinstead guide books (list); East Grinstead’s first historians.

14 East Grinstead and its Environs (1885), review; printers and printing in East Grinstead; East Grinstead almanacks etc. (list); East Grinstead newspapers (list).

15 W.H. Hills, The History of East Grinstead (1906), review; ‘The Chiel’ (W.H. Hills); Forest Row directories and guidebooks (list); 6 Middle Row.

16 159-61 London Rd; George Bailey (C19 barber); rose and crown (arms); railway history; East Grinstead Society postcards.

17 11-12 Middle Row; Goods Shed project; postcards, 2nd set.

18 Trees in East Grinstead; early photographers in East Grinstead; Museum project; 43-49 High St; collected views of East Grinstead list; Mid Sussex District guide; names for new roads.

19 East Grinstead Borough in Middle Ages; Pennifold family; Geoffrey Webb (glass painter); I.D. Margary (obit).

20 Fire brigade; Constitutional Buildings; W.H. Hills MSS; pipe divining.

21 Some royal and national occasions in East Grinstead; first town trail (review); East Grinstead 1952 and 77

22 ‘East Grinstead from Lewes Rd’ by W.G. Moss, Colchester pictures by Bourne (discussion of paintings); cloth working in East Grinstead; rare book (W. Trice of East Grinstead, Pious and Religious Advice (1794); old map, c.1740; chronology of Chequer Mead and Sackville Schools.

23 Air raid warden’s memories; Victorian dairy at Brockhurst; Ogilby’s road map, 1675; local newspapers; postcards, 3rd set; East Grinstead guide books.

24 Cemetery chapels; origins of the East Grinstead Society; young person’s guide to local history in East Grinstead; the East Grinstead Society and local history (10th anniversary review); air raid warden’s memories.

25 Museum facts; proposed additions to listed buildings; Elephant’s Head coffee tavern; Forest Way; gasworks water tower.

26 R.H. Wood (obit.); Hackenden brickyard; The East Grinstead Society and local amenity (10th anniversary review); additional listed buildings; junior membership; The Gatehouse and Dovecotes.

27 Building on East Grinstead Common; brickmaking in East Grinstead; Victorian dairy at Standen; towards pedestrianisation; Owen and Bowen road map, 1720; parish church.

28 Sir Edward Blount; Imberhorne manor; Orchard Cottage; limekilns in East Grinstead; The Railway Hotel; rem. (antiquarian bookseller’s) .

29 Orchard Cottage; town centre plan; pedestranisation; East Grinstead’s earliest parish register; Dame Katherine Grey; Sunday Schools in East Grinstead; East Grinstead Pottery; rem. (dentist’s maid’s).

30 C.W. Goolden, R.T. Mason (obits); Old Road; local clockmakers; 18 London Rd; East Grinstead Observer; Rose and Crown; Hope Brewery; brickmaking in East Grinstead.

31 Recovered records; local clockmakers; rem. (C.E.K. Nutt’s); brewing in East Grinstead; Sargent’s buses; Quarter Sessions and Assizes in East Grinstead.

32 Fowle family of clockmakers; iron graveslabs at parish church; Bedlams Bank (London Rd); East Grinstead’s town bands; Garland Rd bus garage.

33 Local clockmakers; Albert Arthur Winser; William May; Thomas Dadswell I and II; iron graveslabs; house-numbering in East Grinstead; Margary collection of East Grinstead postcards.

34 [Inadequate index of personal names in Hills’ History, superseded by accurate one in Bulletin 69]

35 Working with W.H. Hills; Rodgers’ bus service; Sargent’s buses; history of Ashurst Wood (review); Three Crowns; new church bells; May Day in East Grinstead.

36 Buses at Three Crowns; libraries in East Grinstead; East Grinstead’s railways, 1884-1984; second town trail.

37 Cooper’s ‘Pioneer’ bus service; documents found in church roof; rem. (B.W. Desmond’s, 1).

38 Garland Rd bus garage; mystery of W.R. Pepper (local writer); W. Best and Son, coal merchants; ‘P. and P.’ bus service; rem. (Desmond 2).

39 Hatchments; William Reynolds Pepper; house-naming in East Grinstead; inscriptions by workmen; rem. (Desmond 3).

40 Index of personal names in Bulletins 1-38 and High St report.

41 Old Pest House; history of Ashurst Wood; origins of Plawhatch estate; rem. (Desmond 4).

42 Inscriptions by workmen; rem. (Desmond 5); Thomas, Lord Scales; 150 years ago; pumphouse at Luxfords Farm.

43 Barton St Mary; Roebuck, Wych Cross; John Stenning and Son Ltd, 1792-1987.

44 An old firm (surveyors, land-agents and auctioneers from c.1785).

45 The William Hall papers; Dorset House; rem. (Desmond 6).

46 Dorset House; wall-paintings in East Grinstead; Mount Noddy.

47 Wall-paintings in East Grinstead; Mount Noddy; rem. (evacuees of East Grinstead).

48 Quarter Sessions and Assizes in East Grinstead; Hammerwood Park and Ashdown House; Wealden Buildings (review).

49 Queen’s Rd Cemetery; tallow-chandlers in East Grinstead; Sainsbury’s in East Grinstead; rem. (Desmond 8).

50 The Bulletin 50 issues on; Moat Pond.

51 The Playfield; final stress in East Grinstead place-names; lighting at home.

52 Final stress; cellars in East Grinstead High St.

53 Mount Noddy; Brotherhood hall?; local pictures by J.L. Bourne; final stress; turnpike tickets; T.V. Smith (1888-1960).

54 Baldwins Hill; Free Churches in East Grinstead; brickmaking in East Grinstead; final stress; temperance excursions.

55 Free Churches in East Grinstead; local pronunciation of place-names; rose and crown (arms); brickmaking; Coleman’s East Grinstead plant catalogue, 1836; temperance excursions; 1929 bypass plan; 1932 vignette.

56 P.D. Wood as historian; cottages in East Grinstead borough; 1-2 Judges Terrace and Clarendon House; East Grinstead – Horsted Keynes railway.

57 Mediaeval borough of East Grinstead; Free Churches; transport in East Grinstead in 1845; East Grinstead in 1895; house-numbering in East Grinstead.

58 Topography of East Grinstead’s Domesday Book entries.

59 East Grinstead in Domesday Book; East Grinstead in 1896; Brian Desmond; rem. (Desmond 9); Tooth family papers; Mrs Neighbour.

60 Index of place-names in Bulletins 1-59.

61 Domesday Book and origins of settlement in East Grinstead; W.H. Hills’ postcards; East Grinstead in 1937.

62 Manors of Maresfield and Duddleswell in East Grinstead; early ironworking in East Grinstead.

63 Index of personal names in Bulletins 40-62.

64 Place-name Warlege; wells in East Grinstead High St; Edwin Arthur Harding; W.H. Hills and his History; East Grinstead Society 30th anniversary review.

65 Origins of Ashurst Wood; Place-name Ildhalle; waste-disposal in East Grinstead; early music-making in East Grinstead’s Free Churches; early cycle-makers in East Grinstead; rem. (Mrs A.M. Leppard’s); Free Churches addenda.

66 Indices of non-local place-names, maps, advertisements and illustrations in Bulletins 1-65.

67 ‘Grinstead Weald’; Lingfield Rd area c.1860-1900.

68 Parents of some East Grinstead manors; W.R. Pepper; Domesday Book and early settlements; Hundreds, Tithing and Hamlet; Lingfield Rd area; early cycle-makers.

69 Index of personal names in Hills, History of East Grinstead; place-names index in same: addenda and corrigenda.

70 Wealden estates, parents and droveways; Hundreds, Tithings, Hamlet; High St wells; place-name Saint Hill; East Grinstead Observer, 30 March 1950; bus services 1950; Lingfield Rd area.

71 E.C. Byford (obit); Mount Noddy; place-name Dallingridge; E.W. Young; 19th century Moat Rd.

72 Index rerun, Bulletins 1-71.

73 Dendrochronology project; East Grinstead Hundred 1579; pageant of East Grinstead 1951.

74 P.J. Gray (obit); mid-15th century housing boom; Hundred, 1564 and 79; Wallhatch; extended review of new History of East Grinstead.

75 E.F. Skinner; 1873 guidebook; review of Bulletins 51-75; Hamlet; 7-9-11 High St; parish church bells and ringers.

76 Hamlet; church tower; Gullege and Alfreys; 7-9-11 High St; John Turley; Armoury Mission and Williams family; place-names.

77 7-9-11 High St; 1-2 Judges Terrace; Wellington Town; 19th century Moat Rd; Whalesbeech and Whalesbergh; John Turley I and II; Edward Gardner; house-numbering; rem. (Desmond 10); 1952 in East Grinstead.

78 Index of local place-names, Bulletins 61-77; articles of permanent interest in East Grinstead Society Newsletters.

79 New vision of wildwood; Whalesbeech, Whalesbergh and Whaleshatch; Hackenden and Hamlet of East Grinstead; 4 High St; reminiscences of Dr Golding-Bird.

80 Frans Vera and Ashdown Forest; Whales in East Grinstead; excavations at 7-9-11 High St; 34-40 High St; East Grinstead’s first police and police-house; 1946 vignette.

81 The Feld; 68 High St; Forest Row, 1920s; wartime childhood in East Grinstead.

82 The Feld; Clarendon House; almshouses; farm work, 1945.

83 Early history of Ridgehill; Hide of Healdeleia; Old Stone House; place-names (final stress, ‘ash’); rem (Dr Golding-Bird, Grammar School); post-war street-names.

84 Index of personal names, Bulletins 63-83.

85 Prehistory of Ridgehill; Hide of Healdeleia; buildings addenda and corrigenda; Wickenden’s confectioner’s business; Lingfield Lodge and Suva Lodge.

86 Place-names containing leah; Burghle/Berklegh/Bartleys; rem. (market); post-war street-names; street-name bank.

87 Ferraria; church origins; East Grinstead martyrs; reminiscences (laying-out Blackwell Farm estate); name-bank.

88 Glebelands; Imberhorne Farm C15 roof; J.M. Neale in English and Latin; Society of St Margaret; Cantelupe Road and market; post-war-street-names; street-name bank.

89 Coombe; faces on organ-pipes; rem. (housemaid’s life at Dutton Homestall, 1937-38).

90 Glebelands; Worsted Farm; Lady E. Fox Pitt & Thos Gould; working for C. & H. Gasson.

91 Glebelands; Worsted Farm; Hoskins farm; ‘A Native’ (A.S. Bridgland); workers for C. & H. Gasson; extensive urban survey of E.G.

92 Working at E.G. Library, 1963-66; Rev. D.Y. Blakiston.

93 Keith Brown (obit.); meadowlands in mediaeval E.G.; E.G. in 1401; Brambletye Crossing; glebelands; Moat or Binfield Nursery; ‘E.G. In winter’ (painting by A. Bowers); Rev. D.Y. Blakiston; Barclays Bank; postwar aspirations.

94 Index of all place-names outside our ancient parish from Bulletins 1 to 93; Index of illustrations, maps, plans and advertisements from Bulletins 66-93.

95 Land-use in mediaeval E.G.; Red Lions in E.G.; Sarah Wardroper; cartoon (Pepper/Hills); 1943 mass funeral; working at E.G. library, 1970-84.

96 Land-use II; earliest residents of Sackville College; Henry Pocock genealogy; Peter Williams; casual postman’s recollections, 1954-56.

97 Sackville House; Shuckburgh Cottage; town criers; Raymond H. & Winifred J. Wood; St Luke’s church in context, 1955-59; celebrating school’s 150th anniversary.

98 James & Drew Pickesse; Mr Bean to Mrs Dolphin (tailor’s); Why study history?; Girls’ National School; Reginald Tite.

99 What is history?; Our Wald; Charles Colthup; Cranston Road, 1930-37; street-naming & numbering policy.

100 Celebration of 100 issues; place-name Grinstead; early history of E.G.; E.G. & Boer War; bus services 1960; Enid Allen; early history of Bulletin; hospital ward listing.

101 Surrey side of ‘The Feld’; Hazelden.

102 View from Surrey reviewed; Hazelden addenda; interpreting 34-40 High St; windmills on E.G.Common; Millfield, Windmill Lane; John H.G. Freeman (1903-72)

103 Surrey side, response; cricketing Paynes of E.G.; Sir William Charley; Southdown buses parcels.

104 Index of local place-names in Bulletins 78-103.

105 74-76 High Street; Mrs G.C. Hellyer; Norman Pearson; smells, sounds and sights, 1952.

106 Brockhurst; 1856 photographs of Sackville College.

107 Dunnings; Brockhurst; final stress in place-names; East Grinstead and Crimean War; David Atkinson; sights, 1952

108 Highways East Grinstead – Lewes; C15 building in High Street; Tollgate in High Street; pre-history of hospital; East Grinstead’s astronomical tradition; C.A.Channer; Warden’s log, 1939-45; East Grinstead Museum Compass, 33-36, index nominum.

109 Cuttons Hill Farm, Mill, etc.; origins of hospital; Peter Griffits; East Grinstead Museum Compass, 33-36, index locorum.

110 Cuttons Hill revisited; Water Farm; Turnpike through F.R.; (Alice) Eva Cheal; St James’ Rd, 1947-51; Constance Kent and E.G.; E.G. Museum Compass, 33-36, index rerum

111 E.G. before town:  church terrier, 1711;  J.M. Neale as prose-writer; Herbert Thomas Edwards (c.1860-?);  Sidney Godley, V.C.; Post Office, 1938-80;  German version of town trial; Rem.of E.G.,1893-1914, index

112 Sperchedene and Wildetone;  history of churchyard;  dialect vocabulary;  Harry Bentinck Budd (1867-1920);  Orphans at Convent;  C18 brick making

113 Sperchedene;  highway to Lewes;  Cromwell House dates;  parks in mediaeval E.G.;  Pearless de Rougemont, solicitors (1830-2014);  churchyard wall;  Charles Baker (1870-1958);  High Street now.

114  E.G. in 1552; ‘Stink Pit Alley’; J.M. Neale and railways; Sisterhood of St Margaret, 1854-56; figures from past; Pearless family; commemoration of martyrs, 1856; World Refugee Year, 1960; bus service 435, 1964-79

115 Demarcation in Borough;  where were martyrs burnt?;  attitudes to ‘Good King Wenceslas’;  out-building in Church Lane;  Hy Hall, tailor;  local speech;  refugees, 1914 & 1960;  J.M. Neale Centenary, 1966;  documents sent to Sackville College

116 Patrick Wood (obit.); Index of personal names in Bulletins 84-115

117 Charles Abbot (d.1829); John Hoare (d.1844); Brockhurst & Hole House; 192 London Rd; Wenceslas; Military Act tribunals, 1916; Retford [a house]; Neale Centenary II; documents sent to College II

118 Donovan Joyce (obit.); Pigs & denns; Sessions House; Playbill, 1826; Leonard Darwin (1850-1943); W.H. Hills & E.G.; Arthur Humphrey (d.1917); Defences in WWII; recent street-names

119 Indexes of E.G. place-names in Bulletins 105-116, non-E.G. place-names in Bulletins 94-118, local references in Sussex Archaeological Collections vols 115-154

120 Dr J.H. Rogers, c. 1811-79

121 Special number for the Society’s Fiftieth Anniversary

122 Index of Matters in Bulletins 72-121

123 Origins of Society, Michael Leppard obituary, Alms houses in East Grinstead, St Swithun’s Church, Spencer Percival Marriage, Statue of Archibald McIndoe

124 Prince Philip, Royal visit 1958, Hanging of smugglers and murderers, Sackville House, Railways, Flora of East Grinstead, Carved portrait heads

125 Royal and nation occasions in East Grinstead, Jubilee drinking water fountain, 1908 Vicarage fire, Thomas Bush, Jubilee activities in 1977, War memorial

126 Queen Elizabeth II, Royal visits to East Grinstead, War memorial, Bookshop at Tudor House, James Charlwood, St Swithun’s Church

127 McIndoe statue, Windmills, Royal Quill pen, Palmer family, Mr Warner, Broadleys Tree in St Swithun’s churchyard, Whitehall bombing

128 Whitehall bombing, Bombing victims: Don Roberts, Hugh Cameron, Robert Arnold, Maurice Smeed, Lady Ann Clifford, East Grinstead trades 1799