East Grinstead Society


Principal contents of East Grinstead Society bulletins:

1 30-32 High St.

2 [short notes only].

3 Local speech usages, East Grinstead in 1823.

4 Standen; proposed shopping precinct; rem. (Rev. J. Harrison’s); Blackwell Hollow; churchyard; Payne family; Severals.

5 ‘Bow Bells’ milestones; Old Hollybush Farm; rem. (Mrs M.L. Dempster’s); Moat Church.

6 East Grinstead fairs; local pronunciation; resources for study of East Grinstead.

7 The East Grinstead Pottery; 1882 railway station; Peashuttlers Gate.

8 Zion Chapel; 9 Middle Row; East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd.

9 Pottery memories; The Playfield; The Hermitage; East Grinstead’s ancient arms.

10 ‘Daddy Curly-locks’ (Rev. R.B. Matson); watch and clockmakers in East Grinstead; The Hermitage (community centre plan).

11 7-9-11 High St; children’s games, c.1923; listed buildings; parish registers; East Grinstead directories (list); Whalesbeech.

12 Estcots; directories including East Grinstead (list).

13 Robinson of Gravetye; East Grinstead guide books (list); East Grinstead’s first historians.

14 East Grinstead and its Environs (1885), review; printers and printing in East Grinstead; East Grinstead almanacks etc. (list); East Grinstead newspapers (list).

15 W.H. Hills, The History of East Grinstead (1906), review; ‘The Chiel’ (W.H. Hills); Forest Row directories and guidebooks (list); 6 Middle Row.

16 159-61 London Rd; George Bailey (C19 barber); rose and crown (arms); railway history; East Grinstead Society postcards.

17 11-12 Middle Row; Goods Shed project; postcards, 2nd set.

18 Trees in East Grinstead; early photographers in East Grinstead; Museum project; 43-49 High St; collected views of East Grinstead list; Mid Sussex District guide; names for new roads.

19 East Grinstead Borough in Middle Ages; Pennifold family; Geoffrey Webb (glass painter); I.D. Margary (obit).

20 Fire brigade; Constitutional Buildings; W.H. Hills MSS; pipe divining.

21 Some royal and national occasions in East Grinstead; first town trail (review); East Grinstead 1952 and 77

22 ‘East Grinstead from Lewes Rd’ by W.G. Moss, Colchester pictures by Bourne (discussion of paintings); cloth working in East Grinstead; rare book (W. Trice of East Grinstead, Pious and Religious Advice (1794); old map, c.1740; chronology of Chequer Mead and Sackville Schools.

23 Air raid warden’s memories; Victorian dairy at Brockhurst; Ogilby’s road map, 1675; local newspapers; postcards, 3rd set; East Grinstead guide books.

24 Cemetery chapels; origins of the East Grinstead Society; young person’s guide to local history in East Grinstead; the East Grinstead Society and local history (10th anniversary review); air raid warden’s memories.

25 Museum facts; proposed additions to listed buildings; Elephant’s Head coffee tavern; Forest Way; gasworks water tower.

26 R.H. Wood (obit.); Hackenden brickyard; The East Grinstead Society and local amenity (10th anniversary review); additional listed buildings; junior membership; The Gatehouse and Dovecotes.

27 Building on East Grinstead Common; brickmaking in East Grinstead; Victorian dairy at Standen; towards pedestrianisation; Owen and Bowen road map, 1720; parish church.

28 Sir Edward Blount; Imberhorne manor; Orchard Cottage; limekilns in East Grinstead; The Railway Hotel; rem. (antiquarian bookseller’s) .

29 Orchard Cottage; town centre plan; pedestranisation; East Grinstead’s earliest parish register; Dame Katherine Grey; Sunday Schools in East Grinstead; East Grinstead Pottery; rem. (dentist’s maid’s).

30 C.W. Goolden, R.T. Mason (obits); Old Road; local clockmakers; 18 London Rd; East Grinstead Observer; Rose and Crown; Hope Brewery; brickmaking in East Grinstead.

31 Recovered records; local clockmakers; rem. (C.E.K. Nutt’s); brewing in East Grinstead; Sargent’s buses; Quarter Sessions and Assizes in East Grinstead.

32 Fowle family of clockmakers; iron graveslabs at parish church; Bedlams Bank (London Rd); East Grinstead’s town bands; Garland Rd bus garage.

33 Local clockmakers; Albert Arthur Winser; William May; Thomas Dadswell I and II; iron graveslabs; house-numbering in East Grinstead; Margary collection of East Grinstead postcards.

34 [Inadequate index of personal names in Hills’ History, superseded by accurate one in Bulletin 69]

35 Working with W.H. Hills; Rodgers’ bus service; Sargent’s buses; history of Ashurst Wood (review); Three Crowns; new church bells; May Day in East Grinstead.

36 Buses at Three Crowns; libraries in East Grinstead; East Grinstead’s railways, 1884-1984; second town trail.

37 Cooper’s ‘Pioneer’ bus service; documents found in church roof; rem. (B.W. Desmond’s, 1).

38 Garland Rd bus garage; mystery of W.R. Pepper (local writer); W. Best and Son, coal merchants; ‘P. and P.’ bus service; rem. (Desmond 2).

39 Hatchments; William Reynolds Pepper; house-naming in East Grinstead; inscriptions by workmen; rem. (Desmond 3).

40 Index of personal names in Bulletins 1-38 and High St report.

41 Old Pest House; history of Ashurst Wood; origins of Plawhatch estate; rem. (Desmond 4).

42 Inscriptions by workmen; rem. (Desmond 5); Thomas, Lord Scales; 150 years ago; pumphouse at Luxfords Farm.

43 Barton St Mary; Roebuck, Wych Cross; John Stenning and Son Ltd, 1792-1987.

44 An old firm (surveyors, land-agents and auctioneers from c.1785).

45 The William Hall papers; Dorset House; rem. (Desmond 6).

46 Dorset House; wall-paintings in East Grinstead; Mount Noddy.

47 Wall-paintings in East Grinstead; Mount Noddy; rem. (evacuees of East Grinstead).

48 Quarter Sessions and Assizes in East Grinstead; Hammerwood Park and Ashdown House; Wealden Buildings (review).

49 Queen’s Rd Cemetery; tallow-chandlers in East Grinstead; Sainsbury’s in East Grinstead; rem. (Desmond 8).

50 The Bulletin 50 issues on; Moat Pond.

51 The Playfield; final stress in East Grinstead place-names; lighting at home.

52 Final stress; cellars in East Grinstead High St.

53 Mount Noddy; Brotherhood hall?; local pictures by J.L. Bourne; final stress; turnpike tickets; T.V. Smith (1888-1960).

54 Baldwins Hill; Free Churches in East Grinstead; brickmaking in East Grinstead; final stress; temperance excursions.

55 Free Churches in East Grinstead; local pronunciation of place-names; rose and crown (arms); brickmaking; Coleman’s East Grinstead plant catalogue, 1836; temperance excursions; 1929 bypass plan; 1932 vignette.

56 P.D. Wood as historian; cottages in East Grinstead borough; 1-2 Judges Terrace and Clarendon House; East Grinstead – Horsted Keynes railway.

57 Mediaeval borough of East Grinstead; Free Churches; transport in East Grinstead in 1845; East Grinstead in 1895; house-numbering in East Grinstead.

58 Topography of East Grinstead’s Domesday Book entries.

59 East Grinstead in Domesday Book; East Grinstead in 1896; Brian Desmond; rem. (Desmond 9); Tooth family papers; Mrs Neighbour.

60 Index of place-names in Bulletins 1-59.

61 Domesday Book and origins of settlement in East Grinstead; W.H. Hills’ postcards; East Grinstead in 1937.

62 Manors of Maresfield and Duddleswell in East Grinstead; early ironworking in East Grinstead.

63 Index of personal names in Bulletins 40-62.

64 Place-name Warlege; wells in East Grinstead High St; Edwin Arthur Harding; W.H. Hills and his History; East Grinstead Society 30th anniversary review.

65 Origins of Ashurst Wood; Place-name Ildhalle; waste-disposal in East Grinstead; early music-making in East Grinstead’s Free Churches; early cycle-makers in East Grinstead; rem. (Mrs A.M. Leppard’s); Free Churches addenda.

66 Indices of non-local place-names, maps, advertisements and illustrations in Bulletins 1-65.

67 ‘Grinstead Weald’; Lingfield Rd area c.1860-1900.

68 Parents of some East Grinstead manors; W.R. Pepper; Domesday Book and early settlements; Hundreds, Tithing and Hamlet; Lingfield Rd area; early cycle-makers.

69 Index of personal names in Hills, History of East Grinstead; place-names index in same: addenda and corrigenda.

70 Wealden estates, parents and droveways; Hundreds, Tithings, Hamlet; High St wells; place-name Saint Hill; East Grinstead Observer, 30 March 1950; bus services 1950; Lingfield Rd area.

71 E.C. Byford (obit); Mount Noddy; place-name Dallingridge; E.W. Young; 19th century Moat Rd.

72 Index rerun, Bulletins 1-71.

73 Dendrochronology project; East Grinstead Hundred 1579; pageant of East Grinstead 1951.

74 P.J. Gray (obit); mid-15th century housing boom; Hundred, 1564 and 79; Wallhatch; extended review of new History of East Grinstead.

75 E.F. Skinner; 1873 guidebook; review of Bulletins 51-75; Hamlet; 7-9-11 High St; parish church bells and ringers.

76 Hamlet; church tower; Gullege and Alfreys; 7-9-11 High St; John Turley; Armoury Mission and Williams family; place-names.

77 7-9-11 High St; 1-2 Judges Terrace; Wellington Town; 19th century Moat Rd; Whalesbeech and Whalesbergh; John Turley I and II; Edward Gardner; house-numbering; rem. (Desmond 10); 1952 in East Grinstead.

78 Index of local place-names, Bulletins 61-77; articles of permanent interest in East Grinstead Society Newsletters.

79 New vision of wildwood; Whalesbeech, Whalesbergh and Whaleshatch; Hackenden and Hamlet of East Grinstead; 4 High St; reminiscences of Dr Golding-Bird.

80 Frans Vera and Ashdown Forest; Whales in East Grinstead; excavations at 7-9-11 High St; 34-40 High St; East Grinstead’s first police and police-house; 1946 vignette.

81 The Feld; 68 High St; Forest Row, 1920s; wartime childhood in East Grinstead.

82 The Feld; Clarendon House; almshouses; farm work, 1945.

83 Early history of Ridgehill; Hide of Healdeleia; Old Stone House; place-names (final stress, ‘ash’); rem (Dr Golding-Bird, Grammar School); post-war street-names.

84 Index of personal names, Bulletins 63-83.

85 Prehistory of Ridgehill; Hide of Healdeleia; buildings addenda and corrigenda; Wickenden’s confectioner’s business; Lingfield Lodge and Suva Lodge.

86 Place-names containing leah; Burghle/Berklegh/Bartleys; rem. (market); post-war street-names; street-name bank.

87 Ferraria; church origins; East Grinstead martyrs; reminiscences (laying-out Blackwell Farm estate); name-bank.

88 Glebelands; Imberhorne Farm C15 roof; J.M. Neale in English and Latin; Society of St Margaret; Cantelupe Road and market; post-war-street-names; street-name bank.

89 Coombe; faces on organ-pipes; rem. (housemaid’s life at Dutton Homestall, 1937-38).

90 Glebelands; Worsted Farm; Lady E. Fox Pitt & Thos Gould; working for C. & H. Gasson.

91 Glebelands; Worsted Farm; Hoskins farm; ‘A Native’ (A.S. Bridgland); workers for C. & H. Gasson; extensive urban survey of E.G.

92 Working at E.G. Library, 1963-66; Rev. D.Y. Blakiston.

93 Keith Brown (obit.); meadowlands in mediaeval E.G.; E.G. in 1401; Brambletye Crossing; glebelands; Moat or Binfield Nursery; ‘E.G. In winter’ (painting by A. Bowers); Rev. D.Y. Blakiston; Barclays Bank; postwar aspirations.

94 Index of all place-names outside our ancient parish from Bulletins 1 to 93; Index of illustrations, maps, plans and advertisements from Bulletins 66-93.

95 Land-use in mediaeval E.G.; Red Lions in E.G.; Sarah Wardroper; cartoon (Pepper/Hills); 1943 mass funeral; working at E.G. library, 1970-84.

96 Land-use II; earliest residents of Sackville College; Henry Pocock genealogy; Peter Williams; casual postman’s recollections, 1954-56.

97 Sackville House; Shuckburgh Cottage; town criers; Raymond H. & Winifred J. Wood; St Luke’s church in context, 1955-59; celebrating school’s 150th anniversary.

98 James & Drew Pickesse; Mr Bean to Mrs Dolphin (tailor’s); Why study history?; Girls’ National School; Reginald Tite.

99 What is history?; Our Wald; Charles Colthup; Cranston Road, 1930-37; street-naming & numbering policy.

100 Celebration of 100 issues; place-name Grinstead; early history of E.G.; E.G. & Boer War; bus services 1960; Enid Allen; early history of Bulletin; hospital ward listing.

101 Surrey side of ‘The Feld’; Hazelden.

102 View from Surrey reviewed; Hazelden addenda; interpreting 34-40 High St; windmills on E.G.Common; Millfield, Windmill Lane; John H.G. Freeman (1903-72)

103 Surrey side, response; cricketing Paynes of E.G.; Sir William Charley; Southdown buses parcels.

104 Index of local place-names in Bulletins 78-103.

105 74-76 High Street; Mrs G.C. Hellyer; Norman Pearson; smells, sounds and sights, 1952.

106 Brockhurst; 1856 photographs of Sackville College.

107 Dunnings; Brockhurst; final stress in place-names; East Grinstead and Crimean War; David Atkinson; sights, 1952

108 Highways East Grinstead – Lewes; C15 building in High Street; Tollgate in High Street; pre-history of hospital; East Grinstead’s astronomical tradition; C.A.Channer; Warden’s log, 1939-45; East Grinstead Museum Compass, 33-36, index nominum.

109 Cuttons Hill Farm, Mill, etc.; origins of hospital; Peter Griffits; East Grinstead Museum Compass, 33-36, index locorum.

110 Cuttons Hill revisited; Water Farm; Turnpike through F.R.; (Alice) Eva Cheal; St James’ Rd, 1947-51; Constance Kent and E.G.; E.G. Museum Compass, 33-36, index rerum

111 E.G. before town:  church terrier, 1711;  J.M. Neale as prose-writer; Herbert Thomas Edwards (c.1860-?);  Sidney Godley, V.C.; Post Office, 1938-80;  German version of town trial; Rem.of E.G.,1893-1914, index

112 Sperchedene and Wildetone;  history of churchyard;  dialect vocabulary;  Harry Bentinck Budd (1867-1920);  Orphans at Convent;  C18 brick making

113 Sperchedene;  highway to Lewes;  Cromwell House dates;  parks in mediaeval E.G.;  Pearless de Rougemont, solicitors (1830-2014);  churchyard wall;  Charles Baker (1870-1958);  High Street now.

114  E.G. in 1552; ‘Stink Pit Alley’; J.M. Neale and railways; Sisterhood of St Margaret, 1854-56; figures from past; Pearless family; commemoration of martyrs, 1856; World Refugee Year, 1960; bus service 435, 1964-79

115 Demarcation in Borough;  where were martyrs burnt?;  attitudes to ‘Good King Wenceslas’;  out-building in Church Lane;  Hy Hall, tailor;  local speech;  refugees, 1914 & 1960;  J.M. Neale Centenary, 1966;  documents sent to Sackville College

116 Patrick Wood (obit.); Index of personal names in Bulletins 84-115

117 Charles Abbot (d.1829); John Hoare (d.1844); Brockhurst & Hole House; 192 London Rd; Wenceslas; Military Act tribunals, 1916; Retford [a house]; Neale Centenary II; documents sent to College II

118 Donovan Joyce (obit.); Pigs & denns; Sessions House; Playbill, 1826; Leonard Darwin (1850-1943); W.H. Hills & E.G.; Arthur Humphrey (d.1917); Defences in WWII; recent street-names

119 Indexes of E.G. place-names in Bulletins 105-116, non-E.G. place-names in Bulletins 94-118, local references in Sussex Archaeological Collections vols 115-154

120 Dr J.H. Rogers, c. 1811-79

121 Special number for the Society’s Fiftieth Anniversary

122 Index of Matters in Bulletins 72-121

123Spring 2021

123Autumn 2021

125Spring 2022

126Autumn 2022

127Spring 2023