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A History of the British Seaside in 100 Objects

Wakehurst, Kew and the National Trust – A Talk by Paul Reader

Next Meeting – February 16th

The “Ups and Downs” of being a local representative – A Talk by Councillor Rex Whittaker

East Grinstead Society Update

Although we are still unable to offer our usual programme of exciting meetings, we have been working hard in our other role as guardians of the Town’s heritage. This has comprised regular comments to planning applications going to the Town Council and submissions to the District Council on major strategic planning issues. Our most recent […]

Site Allocations and Development Plan Document (DPD) – July 2020 Response by The East Grinstead Society

We commented on the Draft of this plan in November 2019 and regret that so little has been varied in the ensuing period to July 2020. As before our comments relate to both the general context of East Grinstead and three specific sites in the DPD, SA18, SA19, and SA20. We end with some general […]

Draft Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD) – September 2019

This is the Society submission to MSDC. The DPD is of fundamental importance to the Town’s future and we will want to continue to have a big say! The next consultation is expected in the summer. Response by The East Grinstead Society Our reply relates to both the general situation in East Grinstead  and the […]

East Grinstead Society comments on the draft EG Neighbourhood Plan

The East Grinstead Society responded in the following in letters dated 25 September 2013.

Neighbourhood Plan

In autumn 2011 the town council began consulting residents on what they felt were priorities for the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for East Grinstead. The society’s response was to the effect that the town council’s aim for East Grinstead should be to keep its market town ‘feel’ as a place where people like to […]