East Grinstead Society

Welcome to the East Grinstead Society

The East Grinstead Society, which is independent and self-financing, was formed in 1968 to protect the historic town centre, the wider town and its environs, from detrimental building activity that could impact the unique local architectural heritage and the town’s identity. The Society is also active in promoting the study of local history and interests of the Town and its people.

In order to achieve this, the Society undertakes the following key activities:

  1. To encourage interest in, and knowledge of, local history including through regular speaker meetings, Bulletin and Newsletter publications and liaison with local schools.
  2. To monitor and provide feedback on major strategic planning applications in the district.
  3. To encourage its preservation by highlighting issues affecting the fabric and ambience of the Town Conservation Area that negatively impact the quality of the Town’s heritage.
  4. To alert Town and District Councils where practical improvements are needed.
  5. To produce and maintain ‘Historic East Grinstead’ signs for visitors and publish ‘Town Trails’ booklets on Town Centre walks of interest.

Society feedback on local planning activities is welcomed and held in high regard by East Grinstead Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council.

Parking charges

Read our letter to MSDC here