East Grinstead Society

Evergreen Farm Consultation

A planning application has been made to WSCC to shift soil from Evergreen Farm near Standen: WSCC/004/20. This application is for substantially the same work as an earlier application WSCC/19/061 but there is slightly more detail about potential traffic movements. What is proposed is that up to 15,000 deliveries of 10 cubic metres of soil in 32 tonne articulated lorries should enter the site via West Hoathly Road from East Grinstead, deposit their loads, and exit the site via the junction of Standen Drive and the West Hoathly Road further south. At that junction the empty lorries would turn left and at Saint Hill Green would turn sharply right to return to East Grinstead via Saint Hill Road and Hazeldean crossroads.

Supporting documents with the application include two Road Safety audits of a rather superficial nature, one for incoming traffic and the other for exiting vehicles. The latter omits the right turn at Saint Hill Green which is difficult enough, because of narrow roads and poor visibility, in a private car let alone a 32- tonne truck.

The Society continues to have concerns about the traffic implications of this on the local roads, as we had on the previous application.

Comments on the scheme are required by the County Council by 27th February: The Society is discussing its response next week but we think the more people who review the application the better in light of its significant local impact.