East Grinstead Society

District Plan

In commenting on the draft Mid Sussex District Plan published in October 2011, two issues were highlighted: Chapter 3, Overall Strategy; and Chapter 4, Housing Policy. In summary, that a future overall development strategy that depends for funds on East Grinstead’s very limited capacity for more house-building would not be sustainable. Unsustainable because the town’s road structure could not support significant house-building; and the few homes possible would not provide enough income from the Community Infrastructure Levy (an amount raised from each house built) to finance the A22/A264 junction improvements needed to reduce traffic congestion.

The proposed housing policy of 10,600 homes in Mid Sussex over 20 years was unrealistic because not based on the district’s capacity for development, but on calculated growth targets.

As an alternative Crabbet Park to the east of Crawley for 2500 homes, an option discarded in the draft District Plan on account of water supply problems, should be reconsidered. A strategy which included homes at Crabbet Park could meet council targets with greater certainty than by depending on numbers of small sites across the district.