East Grinstead Society

The Society’s Open Forum, February 2011

This annual event at Meridian Hall, East Grinstead, was well attended and heard the town mayor describe his experiences in office. His informative and interesting talk also provided background, following coffee and raffle, for the evening’s discussion .
On planning it was felt that the introduction of the Localism Bill would result in lack of clarity of distinction between government, county, district and town councils. In the meantime a period of planning uncertainty was inevitable.

The new station design also prompted much discussion. Some in our audience felt it did not appear to add anything that was presently lacking. There was concern about increased congestion into the station. However, overall the meeting felt there would be improvements.

Other questions and observations from the floor included: comments about parking meters requiring registration numbers to be taken up with the district council; questions about the height of building developments in the town and the status of the old Caffyns garage building.