East Grinstead Society

Planning applications at East Grinstead

In February we opposed a planning application to build 117 homes at Ashplats House, on grounds of traffic congestion on Holtye Road and because the site forms no part of an integrated plan for the town. We maintain that the 2004 Mid Sussex Local Plan for East Grinstead is the current development plan document for the area since in 2008 an EG Area Action Plan was withdrawn as unsustainable, and a draft Core Strategy for the district was withdrawn a year later as unsatisfactory. The 2004 Plan states that development should be restricted in East Grinstead because the road infrastructure is inadequate to take more than a limited number of dwellings.

In March, 2010, the Society submitted objections to a planning application to build 100 homes on land to the west of Imberhorne Lane, East Grinstead. The application was refused by the district council but the developer has since made an appeal. At the end of February, 2011, we made representations to the Planning Inspectorate because, in brief: the appeal does not satisfy sustainability criteria; there are sufficient sites in the district to meet housing requirements; the appeal pays light regard to traffic congestion both locally and in East Grinstead generally; an amenity space used by local people for generations would be lost permanently; and a shaky precedent would be set for other planning applications to further breach the important strategic gap.