East Grinstead Society

Schools Painting Competition 2010

There was a strong field of entries for this year’s schools competition run by the Society. The subject was ‘My Favourite Place in East Grinstead’ which attracted over 100 entries from two primary schools: St Peter’s and Escots. This was the first competition entirely for primary school children and was judged a great success both in standard of entry and enthusiasm. Judging was by a member of the Society’s Executive Committee and East Grinstead’s Business and Tourism Officer. The top six entries each received a £10 book token. There were also lesser prizes and several Highly Commended certificates presented at the schools. Subsequently prize-winners and parents met the competition organisers on Saturday May 22 at the Town Library for a chat and photographs. A subject for a 2011 schools competition has yet to be decided.

1 and 5 are from pupils at St Peters; 2, 3, 4 and 6 from Escots.