East Grinstead Society

Local Housing Assessment

Following the coalition government’s letter of 27 May 2010 addressed to all Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), future decisions on housing supply will rest with each LPA which will be required to consult with town councils, parish councils and local resident organisations, in arriving at housing numbers to be expressed as a Local Housing Assessment for each district. Housing numbers will no longer depend on regional targets in the now defunct South East Plan but on identified local need.

The East Grinstead Society looks forward to being consulted. In the meantime, and following housing number guidelines for Mid Sussex District, as embodied in the still extant 2004 Local Plan, we urge that future planning applications be considered against the Local Housing Assessment after this has been agreed; and that, when work on improving road junctions in the town has been specified, a timetable is agreed and significant funding is assured.