East Grinstead Society

Schools Poetry Competition 2008

The Society invited four schools to take part in the 2008 competition, the project being to write a poem. Two schools participated—Stoke Brunswick (with 17 entries) and Brambletye (with 22 entries), from two levels : Year 6 (under 11) and Year 7 (under 12). Judging was undertaken by three members of the Committee. The standard of the entries was high which made decision difficult. The winning entries are reproduced below. The prizes were distributed at Stoke Brunswick and at Brambletye during assemblies in June.

Stoke Brunswick School

First Prize

Stoke Brunswick our school
Children busy working hard,
Teachers ready, on their guard.
Lunch smells nice
And there is no price.

English, Maths, Science and French,
Choir sitting on a bench.
Playing games and having fun
Now their homework is all done.

Smelly trainers after break.
The cooks are baking us a cake
Everyone’s queues and waits their turn
The children here are ready to learn.

Games is next and little tea after,
Lots and lots and lots of laughter.
Playful pre-prep going home.
Mrs Double answers the phone.

The bell has gone for the end of school,
Swimming squad wander down to the pool
Mums are chatting, cars drive away.
Another end to a Stoke Brunswick day.

Second Prize

Our School Stoke Brunswick
When first you step into our school,
You’ll realise that our school is cool,
The chapel, the art room, our DT centre,
But some doors you cannot enter.

What happens behind the staff room door ?
Maybe the teachers sleep and snore,
Maybe they slouch and watch TV,
Maybe they sit and drink their tea.

To the field we head at break,
Sometimes we run until our legs ache,
We play rounders, cricket, netball too.
You never run out of things to do.

History is the subject I like best,
Mr J, our teacher, beats the rest,
He makes the past come to life,
Especially Henry, with wife after wife.

But the best sound is when the bell rings,
It’s time to go and get my things,
My day at Stoke has come to an end,
But I’ll be back tomorrow to see my friends.

Brambletye School

First Prize

The Golf Ball
They hit me 100 times a day
O how I could wish I would fly away
But when I am high what a feeling of joy
Then sometimes I play hide and seek in the rough
Then my cruel master goes home saying he’s had enough
I lie there forever buried in soil
O what a terribly tedious toil
And when I am on very flat ground
Then he gives me a tap and I go round and round
I then fall into a very big hole
It has a big stick and I think It is his goal

Second Prize

The Painting
There it is the great white material,
I take a few steps forward,
take the HB pencil,
my eyes beam at the picture,
I scribble on the white
there it is the building of Venice
then the blue and green sea,
and finally the beautiful fluffy sky.

I step back and take a look,
I look around for the paint,
the blue and green, white and brown,
take my paces towards the drawing,
take hold of the paint brush and express.

I flick the blue paint at the sky,
paint my white fluffy clouds,
wash my brush and plunge it into the green,
the seaweed in the sea and mix it with my blue,
there the green and blue sea,
and finally my brown Venice building
I painted the brown windows.
And finally I finish,

I retrace my steps back,
and admire my piece,
I leave it to dry,
I lock it away,
and leave it there to stay.

Third Prize

Born Again
trapped in the darkness
nowhere to go
nothing to do
feeling alone
but not knowing it

feeling the warmth
hearing voices
but from where
waiting for a signal
that beckons me to leave

the day has come
I shall come out
is this the signal
that beckons me to leave

I want to stay in
I like it in here
the warmth and the dark
the voices for comfort
oh why do they want me to leave